cooking things up

Its quiet some days since I have posted. But when I am not cooking the bloggy version of saambaar I am doing the actual thing. My friends have rented a house nearby and invested in some kitchen appliances. But none of them have any instinct for cooking. It took a very confident me to get them to buy things and start. I never told them that I have never done this before.

Leaving a few incidents like when I opened a pressure cooker without letting out the extra steam, its been fairly easy. And the food turned out not too bad either. But alls well that ends well, fortunately it seems that i have a pair of god gifted cooks hands. Its funny how the rice I cook endures a variable number of whistles in the pressure cooker but still comes out good. And now homemade food is never very far. All I have to do is to call and ask them to buy all the things and go and supervise.


Bacheya ye Asemaan (The Children of Heaven)

If I do not write this now, the last remnants of its memory will be lost. So without further ado –

This movie is about children so good, that everyone would want to father [v] or mother [v] kids like these. In fact I believe that every newborn has the inherent potential to be like the characters in this film. So start planning if you havent already.

PLOT OUTLINE : Ali and Zohren, bigger brother (10 year types) and younger sister (7 year types) face a problem. To the 99% (hmm…maybe less) world population the problem would seem trivial, but to them this is a big issue. Nevertheless they decide to handle this on their own. With a sick mother and a father with a low income, they have an exceptionally balanced mixture of innocence and maturity. Also even though they are needy, when they see some one more so, they know the right thing to do.

INkBLOT REvieW: Ali is out in the market with his sister’s torn shoes for repair. While some further grocery shopping he loses the shoe, when a ragpicker takes it by mistake. This is the beginning of an ordeal for him and Zohren. He convinces her to not tell mother about it. In one small room which constitutes their house, with little room for privacy zohren uses innovative methods to communicate her worry about being unable to go to school, without her only pair of shoes. They finally decide her using his sneakers for her morning school and then bringing it back for Ali who has school in the afternoons.

This becomes a routine, with she racing home everyday with her heart in her mouth. Even then Ali is late everyday for his classes, leading to his headmaster noticing and warning him. Finally he sees a way out of this problem and tries to end it. The way he does this would bring a mixture of laughs and tears to everyones eyes and I do not want to spoil the fun. YOu better watch it yourself.

Now some of the things which impressed me greatly. Such child actors I have never seen before. Especially Ali, who emotes with such ease without going overboard, I give him my very own Oscar.

THe director Majid Majidi has taken care that the center of focus remains on the kids without the other issues like poverty, the rich-poor divide, the hope of the next generation doing much better economically etc etc. Saying that he has shown the background of the ethos of the iranian society which is essential for our understanding the central issue. BUt essentially the subject is universal and you could see the same brother sister duo at a traffic jam selling flowers and magazines, IF you look carefully.