Stupid Gags

I am so sick of comedy serials that have canned laughter. The artificial laughter gives a bitter taste to even good jokes.

Got this from a media studies site,
“Experiments have found that the use of canned laughter causes an audience to laugh longer and more often when humorous material is presented and to rate the material as funnier. In addition, some evidence indicates that canned laughter is most effective for poor jokes.”

God knows how many tricks they have got for mind control.


What if?

What if your senses jumbled up. If you could smell your touch. If you could see a smell. That would make the number of senses to go up, by permutations and combinations.
Would that make a richer experience.
One of my friends feels like eating a few particular colors whenever she sees them.


Spiky Hair

I met this guy who had been to Finland for a degree in economics. Helsinki school of economics. As their are no lack of jobs there, students are totally devoid of tension. So relaxed that 15 days long, non-stop rock concerts are quite common. It is usually organised in large maidans and have no entry fees. Their is camping, cooking and fucking going on all around.

So this guy returned after two years in paradise. At the airport the first thing his mother did was ruffle up his spiky punk-styled hair. “what will aunties in the society say?…ladka baahar jaakar bigad gaya…its better this way only, …….even if you paid 100 Euros to get it done…you are not going home like this.”

And then like us mortals he had to look for a job.


New Year’s present

I got a call from my friend TB yesterday. He was pretty excited. He wanted to tell me something about his 3rd girlfriend. I realized the shy guy I knew from school had changed into a casanova.

TB starts, “abe kaa, this girl has promised to give me a present next new year.”

Kaa: “But that’s a far away, why did she tell you know, itne jaldi.”
TB:”arey yaar she says it will be priceless, and when i asked her to tell me about it, she says if I have even a little dimaag i will know”

Kaa:” oh ….ooooh…”

TB:”what do u think it will be, yaar, i am totally clueless.”

kaa:” hmmmm…..if u have even a little dimaag u will know.”

TB:”Yaar seriously tell me what do u think it is?”

Kaa:”well whats so special about new year….hmmm…..maybe because its winter…and she is planning to knit a sweater for you….yeah that figures she will need some months to get it finished. Yeah i am pretty sure it will be a sweater”

TB:”kya yaar ..tune toh mere life ko hindi movie bana dee”

Kaa:” or maybe she will give you gaajar ka halwa…my mom says you never get as good gaajars as you get them in winter. That seems a probability too.”

TB:”saale tu mil tujhe mein peetoonga”

I was just pulling your leg TB, may god (and your GF) give you whatever you want :D.


Type drawing

Originally uploaded by cargocult.

Found a site called Typedrawing. And now i can’t stop drawing. Try it out.


Starting from scratch

I am starting my work at Kathaa Animations this monday.They are the people behind the Hum-Tum cartoon idea. Finally i’ll get to do something interesting. And I’ll be getting around 1/4th of my previous salary.