Happy or Sad

3 books read-

“The curious incident of the dog in the night time.” – Read kekre’s copy, which Ranchu had brought. So had to finish it at a stretch, cover to cover in 5 hours. It’s unputtable.

“Invisible Monsters” – By chuck pahlunuik (spellliing?..) author of fight club. The style is like fight club, though i have only seen, not read FC. Maybe it’s the content, but i did’nt like it.

“7 times 6 is 43” – kiran nagarkar’s marathi novel translated into english. It’s too good. Highly recommended.

Being a freelancer has it’s ups and downs. Lot’s of free time in the last 10 days. But problem is i can’t decide if it’s a up or a down. Very bittersweet, coz on one hand total freedom, lots of sleep, novels, t shirt paintings..etc..etc.. But no income :).

That’s going to change today …Confused if i should be happy or sad.