Prawn spaghetti

She remembers a few words of malayalam. So she assumes that her real parents must be from Kerala.

Adopted when she was 2, from somewhere in Coimbatore. By european parents.

Phd in microchemistry. Now in india doing NGO work, for TB patients.

She still has to figure what she wants to do with her life. Continue research work or join WHO.

She cooked us seafood spaghetti, with prawns and clams.


random thought

“Each human is an elephant, individually. And the rest are blind men.”


Alternate theory

Monkeys hornier then their brothers started mating over longer seasons than the customary august september. Being active longer, they needed extra fat on their red asses. There could be days without food trying to impress a femonk.
Their gathering skills started to improve. So did the related parts of the brain. And they began to change. Not their features , but their attributes.

Their heads got bigger. They stayed young longer. The life expectancy increased from 25 years to 35.The offsprings of these ‘mutants’ also had these attributes. Gradually their population started to increase. As predators found them hard to pray upon. And they had excellent survival techniques.
With each generation they became raunchier.

They took over.

The world became their mating dance.

So dance on.


new beginnings

Shifted to our new flat. Great view of the lake from all windows. Rooms big enough to play cricket. And a big hole in my pocket.

I hope things will get more stable now. It’s been a long time I have been wandering here and there. Thanks first to vishal and then to dagia for enduring our presence for quite some time. (I am bad at showing sincere gratitude to people. I only say thanks either when i don’t mean it, or when the other person really expects it.)
My friend KP (kumarendra) got into a verbal duel with the security officer of his company, who happened to be a retired Colonel. The colonel refused to believe people could stay unauthorised in an IIT hostel, that too for years, what with terrorist threats and all.

That’s one thing good about iit, it knows when to relax and when to be strict. Though that may be changing for the worse with every passing year. I hope it doesn’t.

It’s ironical, a post about leaving IIT, being typed from IIT. Internet access at our flat will take 2-3 days.