Tunga Balla Torava

“but inside ….we are all tigers.

That is how the MTv ad for the Xbox 360 ends. Totally out of this world, this ad is weird. When i first saw it, and did not see any product coming, i wondered if it was a MTv promo or something. But then it came in the end. Did some googling and found that the creative director was Cyrus Oshidar of MTv. Also found a lot of postings by firangs who couldn’t make head and tail of it.

So here are some facts:
a) there is no game called Porok. It is purely a fictional game.
b) the language used is just a mixture of 3-4 languages. I could make out mallu and tamil words in it. I am sure the other words are from kannada and telugu.
c) it was shot in the middle of mumbai and not in a village.

Advertisements have to target a focus group. What works in cities, may not work in villages. What works for teenagers, may not work for middle ageds. And so on. So let me ask you who could be the focus of this ad? Who might the people who might buy the xbox?

Games in india are still played on PCs. The personal computer has become ubiquitous in cities. You could play for a hour in a cyber cafe for Rs.10. Highly affordable. My guess is 99% of serious gamers in india use a PC. To me they look like a good market. Very computer savvy. Having high paying jobs in IT. And they would already be aware of the XBox, even before seeing the ad. The ad is not informing them about anything. It’s just selling them the attitude. Every ad doesn’t have to “sell” the product. The point that it needs “selling” may make a bad impression.
And here this ad outclasses many others.



And i did’nt want to say this before, as i did’nt want to get anyone sad. Two of our classmates are no more. Mayuri Diwakriti one of the sweetest girls in our class, succumbed to some ulcer in her stomach and died a few days before her marriage. That is the worst something that could happen to anyone. Or maybe not, may she be in a place where she is eternally happy, not like here where all we can do is remember old times.

If you are searching for something missing here, plz don’t just kick my ass.

This is life. We can do nothing but to move on. And enjoy the most we can And don’t do things which will make us ashamed of ourselves. And if we think we had done something wrong, kick our ego’s ass and ask forgiveness.
I will take this opportunity to do exactly that.

Bachpan mein bahut chutiya thha yaar kya karen…shayad abhi bhi hoon ye shayad agle 5 saal baad realize karoon.

Subhash, yaar i am really sorry, tereko jo bhi peeta veeta thha yaar, uske liye. Vo toh chhod, jo class mein tujhe hum sab milke tujhe jo tang karte thhe uske liye bhi.

vanashree, tujhe meine class 6th mein kuch toh unt shunt bola thha ..jiske liye tune chhatri se bol kar mujhe daant khilaya thha. uske liye sorry.

ek baar class 5 mein mainey dauda ke fatima tere haath pe meiney bahut zor se maara thha. Mere unguliyon ke nishaan aa gaye thhe tere haath pe. sorry yaar.

yaar ek banda thha na vivek, jiske papa army mein thhe. gobi ke parathe lata thha .
usey mainey ek baar class mind karte hue lakdi ke scale se pair ke haddi pe mara thha. abhi soch ke mere raungte khade ho jaate hain, ke mein kitna violent thha. maaf kar de yaar.

aur kisi ka mainey agar tan ya man dukhaya ho toh unse bhi sorry bolta hoon. yaaron dil mein kuch mat rakhna please 🙂