And i did’nt want to say this before, as i did’nt want to get anyone sad. Two of our classmates are no more. Mayuri Diwakriti one of the sweetest girls in our class, succumbed to some ulcer in her stomach and died a few days before her marriage. That is the worst something that could happen to anyone. Or maybe not, may she be in a place where she is eternally happy, not like here where all we can do is remember old times.

If you are searching for something missing here, plz don’t just kick my ass.

This is life. We can do nothing but to move on. And enjoy the most we can And don’t do things which will make us ashamed of ourselves. And if we think we had done something wrong, kick our ego’s ass and ask forgiveness.
I will take this opportunity to do exactly that.

Bachpan mein bahut chutiya thha yaar kya karen…shayad abhi bhi hoon ye shayad agle 5 saal baad realize karoon.

Subhash, yaar i am really sorry, tereko jo bhi peeta veeta thha yaar, uske liye. Vo toh chhod, jo class mein tujhe hum sab milke tujhe jo tang karte thhe uske liye bhi.

vanashree, tujhe meine class 6th mein kuch toh unt shunt bola thha ..jiske liye tune chhatri se bol kar mujhe daant khilaya thha. uske liye sorry.

ek baar class 5 mein mainey dauda ke fatima tere haath pe meiney bahut zor se maara thha. Mere unguliyon ke nishaan aa gaye thhe tere haath pe. sorry yaar.

yaar ek banda thha na vivek, jiske papa army mein thhe. gobi ke parathe lata thha .
usey mainey ek baar class mind karte hue lakdi ke scale se pair ke haddi pe mara thha. abhi soch ke mere raungte khade ho jaate hain, ke mein kitna violent thha. maaf kar de yaar.

aur kisi ka mainey agar tan ya man dukhaya ho toh unse bhi sorry bolta hoon. yaaron dil mein kuch mat rakhna please 🙂

Bhilai Reunion @Lonavla

16 guys + 1 bungalow + 1 swimming pool + lots of booze == lots of fun + lots of puke + lots of tears
The initiator was Sarva, who is here for his vacation from US. I passed the baton to madho (urf subhash :). He did such great work at contacting everyone he could, and then motivating, threating and forcing people to lend a weekend for old friends. Who else would have made a whole doc file with email ids and phone numbers of our classmates. The dates 23rd and 24th were fixed, and the place lonavla was chosen for it’s good climate as well as accessibility. Madho even booked a awesome bungalow.

saturday (23rd): People set off from pune, mumbai and surat. A few of us namely me, bunty, sarva, dhagat, tyabji and shiv reached lonavla by 2 pm. We went to bushi dam, trekked to the waterfall and had some nice bathing vathing. By 5 we had our fill of fun and went to book into the bungalow. It was around a km from the railway station. A duplex with lots of mattresses and a house servant. Subhash gets another kiss for it :-{}.
As the night approached more people began arriving and by 8 all had arrived. We all sat around mehfil style. And the drinks started flowing. I will upload some video files in a day. Old stories and incidents kept flowing. Some samples:anirvan- ” ek baar madho gadhe mein gir gaya, aur hasne laga. uski maa usko hasta dekhkar bolti hai, ‘ek toh girta hai fir hastahai maadho'”.
Ania the king of farts and second papaji of a great many. papaji because he renamed a lot of guys who even now dread those names. When asked what made him name Ravi Verma as pilli papa, he says,
“ek baarmein raipur se aa raha thha. Kya dekhta hun ki ravi ke papa baithhe hain. Beticket.
Dare hue. Ekdum pilli lag rahe thhe.” Somebody asked, “Pilli matlab?” Ania:”arey ekdum darpok types, bengali hai.” toh isi liye kyonki ravi ke papa pilli thhe isi liye uska naam pad gaya pilli papa.

Now nobody please believe this, and i am really sorry if i am insulting anyone (ravi’s father). But the fact is Ania is so imaginative ki junta it’s upto you how much of it you should believe :)). Ania yaar maaf kar de ;).

And about old crushes. Which i wouldnt disclose. Those who wish to know all the details should have come. So better be there @the next meetup :).

And gradually as people began getting drunk and some people began getting sentimental. I won’t go into details, but i will say this to everyone, be confident in yourself and you will achieve what you want.

Others began puking making a mess of the beautiful bungalow. And to our bad luck the servant came for a midnight check. He was so terrified at the scene he promptly called up his master. And the master came in the morning demanding demanding extra money,,,and chewed madho’s balls a lot. But thanks to madho and jaydeep he dint get anything extra.

Morning some of us went for a swim in the pool. Where madho in his skin colored chaddi scared some kids who thought he was naked. And bunty with his white chaddi who looked like mandakini in that famous scene.

Gradually one by one, everybody woke up, with there hangovers :). And we walked over to a snack shop. Where everybody ate so much poha that he was very happy with his earnings and he closed the shop when we left.

Then we hired a sumo sort of vehicle, and in two trips went to ‘Loin’ point. It was awesome. Though the lion looked a bit like a gorilla. But still.
Shot lots of baloons at the mela. Guess what they used as bullets in the air gun….moong daal is the correct answer.

Spent some time at the lion’s point before moving on the monkey’s point. We expected a rockface shaped like a monkey, all it had was a bunch of monkeys fornicating.

After that most of us wanted to be back to our homes. Madho was a little upset as he had booked the vehicle to show some 5 points but we had seen only two, lion and monkey.

And we booked a sumo. Others caught a train. And we are now all back in the same old world of getting up in the morning for job, slogging at work and coming back to our homes. While we were young i was not very happy. i always wanted to grow up. To have the money to buy anything i wanted. To eat as many chocolates as i could. To have the freedom to do whatever i wanted. But now like me most of you would prefer to go back to our childhood. But there is a silver line to all this. Imagine yourself after 20 years, middle aged, pot bellied, beginning to get old we would so want to get the age we are in now. We would all cherish what we can do now. So make the most of your javaani while you can :).

and please junta if you want to say anything please comment, or mail me and i will add it in the blog itself. Please try to recall any dailogues or interesting conversations. Jab boodhe ho jaayengey toh pad ke khoob hasengey. Aur parag and nitin please upload karo yaar pics. Bunty ke fone ke pics yahan par hain : flickr sets

Aur flickr pe bhi masti ke saath comment karne ka. And girls yaar tum log nahi aa paye mein samajh sakta hoon, bombay pune ke baahar se toh koi ladka bhi nahi aaya. Please tum log bhi comment shomment karo :).

Naneghat (mis)adventures – I

 Gajju and I went to naneghat yesterday. My brother was also supposed to come, but i guess he is a lot more kaamchor than I know of. He remembered some chores he had to do.

When we were leaving our flat, i had some 300 rupees on me. Gajju did not have any cash. I thought 300 will be allright for a modest trek. And both of us did not take our wallets and phones. Who wanted to worry about keeping them dry and safe. On train to kalyan had some deliciously fresh white milk sweet. They serve it on dry leaves. It cost us 10 bucks each. Awesome it was.

Reached Kalyan, went to the bus stand. Asked the information countervala:
“sir, vaishakhare kaun si bus jaayegi?”
The mousthacheod guy says in marathi,” paune daha la gadi aahe”, when the other one corrects him, “nahi re, paune aath la aahe, sava aath la jaannar aahe”. And then he pointed towards a bus.

It was 8:30 then, we sat there. Around 8 we thought of getting into the bus. While entering I casually asked the conductor, “vaishakhare jaayegi na?”.
He says , “nahi”. I was a little bewildered. But the enquiry guy had said it would.
Then we roamed around asking different conductors if their bus would go to Vaish.., but everyone pointed at other buses.

It was around 40 minutes since we arrived at the stand. I was really becoming desperate. We began asking passengers through the bus windows. One of them said yes indeed it would go. As to confirm, we also asked, “naneghat vala vaishakhare?”. Yes was the answer. We entered bus and even got seats.

We sat there on the seats for half an hour. Then someone came and said, “ye nahi jaayegi, kuch toh jhagdda ho gaya hai.”
Some people began leaving. When we began to leave the driver arrived and started the bus. We were mementarily happy, “oh so there jhagda is over.”. The driver reverses it and drives back to a corner and parks it there. Back to square one.

Now my patience was getting very low. I again went to the enquiry vala and asked him about the bus to vaishakhare. I told him i want to go to naneghat. He points towards four buses. But have’nt i asked those conductors, i thought. But just to make sure, i walk towards them and again ask them if any of them go to “vaishakhare”.
They all reply,”no.”

My heartbeats increased. My muscles tighten. This is fight or flight. I go to the enquiry guy and yelled at him. He yells back, “hum bol rahe hain na ki jata hai, toh jata hai.” i yell back, “Ticket toh vo conductor hi dega na, nahi toh aap de do ticket.” Then one of them says, “ask him for ticket to ‘moroshi’.”

And we finally get our bus. At that time i was still puzzled at what was the whole matter. Later it occured to me that vaishakhare is a small stop on the route nearest to naneghat. Now many fast buses do not stop at vaishakhare, but if you ask them they’ll drop you where the trek to naneghat starts.

The misadventure didnt end there. More to come in part II.

Sona* belt anyone??

My roomie is high again. We were watching the super hit show of home shopping brand. Skipping through channels if the current one died out. There always was always more coming. But everywhere they kept showing us “Sauna belt” and it’s amazing capabilities. My idiot roomie who is a little shy around his expanding waist, thought of calling the number and enquiring about it.

The number was (well is, as of 26 Aug 06) three zero three zero seven zero zero zero.(*)reason for this notation to be declared later).

It was around 1:30 and we had settled at VH1. Today is friday so it was Headbanger’s Ball going on .The kinda music on which moshes happen. So he declared he was gonna call and did.

roomie: “Achha humey sauna belt ke bare mein pata karna thha.”..
roomie:”hum powai area mein rehte hain”….”kya aap home delivery karte hain?”

me:”abe us se poochh ki gas khatm ho jaaye toh unde vagera ban sakte hain kya usme”

roomie:”achha humne dekha AD mein ki usme ande bhi bana sakte hain”
3zero30sevenzerozerozero:” ah,,,,….,,,,…”
roomie:”achcha iska price bataiye na.”
3zero30sevenzerozerozero:”ruk batata hoon price….. ” at which point my roomie gave the phone tu me
>(me)< "ek toh raat mein call karte ho ...dekh lo mere paas ye number aa gaya hai &*^&*^&^&*^*^*()&*()&*% *(^" and I cut the line.
When I told my roomie about his number being in his posession. And he being very angry about this.
He got scaarrred out of his balls. The guy who normally would shrink his nose everytime he saw us cooking some nonVeg, agreed my suggestion of changing his name. Getting plastic surgery done and leaving our country. To alaskan hilly jungles. Where the grissly hunts. There he could do what hyena in the serengetti does.
Chase beers. Wait for them to hunt. Then wait for them to fill their stomachs.
When the beers leave to doze of after a glass of honey. He would slowly approach the kill and suck the marrow out of each bone.

p.s. parts of this post are false and bear no resemblance to any incident nor person, animal aur a grass.
(*) = if the sauna belt people google there number and find this posting, then they will get to him. My roomie pointed this out to me and allowed me to put this post on only this condition.

Daman (of Daman and Diu fame)

Conquered it on an old splendor. We had actually planned for Vasai fort. But when we neared vasai, we saw the signboard for Daman, 150 kms. Quickly changed plans, and with the power bestowed upon us by plastic money headed to Daman.

The highway is superb. It was very firang looking road and the traffic was also lean. We pushed the old splendor to 75 kmph, above which it groaned. Otherwise it did quite OK. Must admit splendor is one reliable bike. Only pain with long distance biking is the pain in the neck and the rashes on your bum. Otherwise it was one smooth ride.

Went to a place called Ambica bar, whose owner was friends with bhartiya. He was not there, had gone to Pune. So we did’t get any extra hospitality. But the food was cheap as well as mouth smacking. The prawns were really fresh. Drank lots of port wine. I admit i havent acquired taste for real wine. I like port wine, which in daman is rs.70 for a bottle than even a rs. 1500 bottle of cabernet sauvignon i had once had. Also bought two bottle for friends. Now we have a relation to Don Corleone. He also had started his business by smuggling booze. It was smooth sailing as we were never stopped by any cops.

Somehow portuguese could’nt or did’nt change the people or the culture here. For starters, everyone has heard about goan food. Daman and Diu food??? The restaurants here have been afflicted with the punjabi + mughlai food disease. Punjabi food with it’s lots of oil and with every other dish looking and tasting the same. There was sea food but it’s preparation was generic. And there are gujaratis everywhere. Infact they would i guess constitute 90% of the population. I am making a guess, when portugues left in 1961, gujaratis came over and changed everthing. Read this wiki.

After wining and dining we went over to the jetty. The boats were plowing even in the night. The creek which separates the two parts of Daman, Moti Daman and Nani Daman once had a bridge. But it fell down during one heavy rain. This giant piece of concrete was swept to around a kilometre. There is a red light marking the spot, warning boats and ships. So now there are these small boats which ferry people across the narrow creek for a sum of rs.2.

A slight rain began, which reminded us of one of the three necessities, namely “makaan”. The hotels there were quite expensive. Though not compared to mumbai. The cheapest hotel at daman would be around rs 300 for a day. And we did not want to spend even that amount :). So went some 8 kms to Vapi. Found a room for 130 with a attached wash basin. Actually we found out later that it was a shulabh shouchalay which was converted to a lodge when people began hearing wails and howls at night. Now it is obvious that when this was hardly a place one could attend to his/her business. Hence it was converted into Amar Guest House. Attached wash basin, a bottle of cold water and two ghosts on the house. Luckily because of all the heavy wining and dining we slept undisturbed.

I woke up at 8, which is after a long time. Got a sleepy and unwilling bharatiya out of bed and off to the jetty. We were headed to Nani daman. Took a ferry. There is a big fort in Nani daman. As soon as you get out of the boat, you face a great gate, Kille ka darwaza. Awesome looking. And obviously very different in architecture to the shivaji forts lying around. Once you enter the gate, there are different public offices on both sides of the road. Municipal court, Secretariat, library, weather bureau, everything you can imagine. And everything is so accessible. There was no guard at the gates of the secretariat and the main building was hardly 20 meters from the road. Some of the sign boards still have spellings like, “Amdavad”. There is another gate at the end of the fort. Which leads to habitation, and wine shops. Had beer for breakfast and took a autorickshaw to the beach.

The monsoons are not the time to go to beaches. The water looks like creamy tea. I could make myself get inside that slush. Had a cool time watching slimy creatures doing there daily business. There was a bunch of boys, youngest being 12 and the oldest being 18 playing football. Around 15 in a team. It was very proper with linesman and all. And the quality of play was also good. Bharatiya noticed one kid who played like ronaldinho. After a while walked inland. There was a tadi shop, but there was no tadi. Rainy season is bad for tadi tappers. The rain water goes into the matkas and dilutes it. We took a rick to the bazaar, and to our luck the sunday bazaar was in progress. From fish to tshirts, heaps of bras to knick knacks. We bought two plastic toys which can swim when wound. Both of us had enough and were looking forward to the return ride.

And as return trips go, was uneventful and unexciting.

Sify Broadband SUCKS !!!

I am so angry, fire is coming ot off my nose….X-< Since the monsoons came with a bang, the switch from which i get my net got fried. And when someone takes a connection from a company as famous as sify, one would expect at least some professionalism. It has been 15 days and still, “sir, ek ghante mein ladka aa raha hai”, “sir abhi ladka khana khane gaya hai, aate hi bhejti hoon”, “hum wiring kar rahe hain, apka building next hai” Yesterday i got fed up of this bullshit and went to their office and announced that i was not leaving until they sent someone with me. The girl tried calling some of the service guys, but all their phones were switched off. She then called her bossni, the wife of the owner. Now whe annonced the guy will definitely come by 9:30. It was 7:30 than and i was alone with that receptionist in the office. No point if my protest did not get noticed. So i left. Today still no net. I went to their office. There sits the huge and fat owner Mr. Basu, barking out orders on his phones. And his wife gives me a xeroxed copy of a letter to all its users, ” sorry …rains, lightning, ….great damage….damage estimation…..blah blah …etc..etc.. regretting …..Om Sai internet” Problem with most of the isps here is, they work through franchisees. These franchisees charge service charge in addition to the isps internet package. The ISP does not have any control over this. My local internet operator (Om sai internet) charges 150 bucks extra. Which is in addition to the unlimited 128 kbps package (750 bucks). People have been victims of sify since a long time. here is a thread 2 years long: this guy ankur i think is a lawyer who sues such companies. Power and aashirwads to him. jaa mera laal, mooh kala kar de unka. I am fed up, now i am getting a reliance fone just for internet.

Mocha Shake

Originally uploaded by cargocult.

Anish flew back to boston. The last two months have been great because of him. Had a real nice time with him, santosh and gang. Through him i came to know so many cool people.

It was last week when he planned a trip to marine drive. And it starts raining when we reach there. We get soaked to our bones. Have kala jamuns and chamchams at some dairy. The menu had a lot of cool sounding mithais, like bunty babli, rani bhog, etc.etc. but they dint have any of them in stock. So we had be happy with kjs and ccs. But must say that they were really tasty.

Originally uploaded by cargocult.

Strolled along the seaface, when lightning started bolting here and there. Thank god none of us were wearing underwired bras, or we would have been sizzle fried. I was trying to find a restaurant i had heard of which serves amazing food at really cheap rates, called Crystal. It’s somewhere near the chowpatty overbridge. But due to the heavy rains and the uninformed taxi drivers and watchmen, we couldn’t find the place. Aneesh meanwhile called a friend and we all got into a taxi to her place near bombay hospital.

He got a bottle of wine as present for her. We got on the old wooden lift, on our way to her place. It was a old pushtaini kind of place. She welcomed the four of us, giving us towels to dry off. And within minutes we were all chatting like old friends. She teaches law at KC college and is a practicing lawyer, taking social issues etc. Left liberal all the way. And she had won the best director in Mood Indigo 1978. She also had an activist couple as guests. They are working in UP on caste related problems. We all sat down around the wine and the vodka that followed, discussing socio economic problems.

On a side note, i am a little wary of such activists. More so with those who have given up their whole life for issues. I think that great passion for something makes one irrational to a degree. When something comes up which shakes their belief system, the fear that their life has gone to waste, makes them really illogical. But I controlled myself and humored them with yeses.

Time flew fast and we could barely manage to catch the last local from churchgate.

p.s. there is a small restaurant called Rehmania, behind the Delhi Darbar, near Bombay hospital (marine lines). They serve mallu maapla style food. The prices are so ridiculously low and the taste is 100% authentic. highly recommended.

Sidhhagadh uncovered by Rags

Anurag or genie as we called him, has posted accounts of a trek we 2 did way back. How he has remembered each detail is beyond me.
He’s in IIMA right now. Wish he would find a job in mumbai when he finishes. Call him anytime with the wierdest of plans and he would be ready for it. Just like a genie :).

Aching muscles and baby squirrel

Started exercising after a long time. The coach who is called Rambo by everyone seems to be hell bent on making me rambo junior.
Also had a steam bath. Yeah ….i am living life kingsize.
Felt like a boiled chicken afterwards. Am a little apprehensive about trying the sauna.

On a sidenote a baby squirrel was discovered in our flat. Very frightened at first, gradually started nibbling an assortment of peanuts and various dals. The part of me which has always wanted a pet was starting to feel warm. Yesterday my roomie announces that he has taken it out and “freed” it. First I felt like kicking him, but his arguement was we would all have felt bad if it died on us. And that it can now go back to his own home. More likely it’ll become a crow’s meal. But my roomie has dispensed himself of the burden by doing a “good” deed. And I am happy that I was not involved in the decision. Is there a better word than ‘selfish’ for this?

almost rajmachi

taken by aneesh uploaded by kaa.

Venue – Rajmachi
Team – Aneesh, Santosh, Vijay and I
via – karjat (local train)- khandpe (ST Bus)- walking walking to the fort

Left the village at around 11 am. Encountered the haunted imli tree. And the hiphop loving fisherman.

The clouds were playing a game of “will rain”..”will not rain”. Soon we were boiling in our sweat. And we lost the trail of white painted boulders. The option was either to come back to the last white boulder and search for the right path, or make our own. No points for guessing what we did. Wading through thorn encrusted guard shrubs and tripping over trip vines we walked on.

taken by aneesh uploaded by kaa.

We reached a plateau with a dense forest. Even saw a small deer. And also realized that we were at the wrong side of the fort. From where the enemy could only climb using a monitor lizard. But there was no lizard in sight. And it was already nearing 4.
So without much ado we turned back. half an hour downhill we met a villager who told us, “if you had walked for 5 mins more you would be in the village kondana, from where the fort was a further 5 mins.” We tore each others hair out to let our frustration subside. Saved some barber money as a side effect.

And the sun was going down fast. We saw another village which seemed much closer than the one we had started. So we started walking towards it. But soon we lost the small trail made my wood gatherers. It was a free hike downhill grasping shrubs and trees to break our speed. Then came a giant waterfall. I could momentarily taste my heart in my mouth seeing the sheer drop. But we managed to climb down cliffhanger style.
Pure rock climbing.

It was the second most dangerous/adventurous trek of my life. The first being the one to harishchandragad. Where we were trying to climb a rock cleavage. 4 people at different levels. And the top one says, ” turn back there is no way ahead”. And the rocks started crumbling falling down the person below. And there were crys of ” gaonvalon bachao” and ” helilcopter lekar aao”…etc.

you can see rest of the pics here.