Delhi is drizzling

Caught this strand of conversation in the morning, in front of our office.
“ammaji, aaj toh chhod do…vaise hi keechad ho raha hai, baarish mein.” Said the young watchman to the old sweeping lady.
She replies,”baarish mein khhana toh nahi chhodte na.”

Each has his quota

This is the last post of that chat. You may want to read the first, second, third and fourth posts, if you already haven’t.

Am i bombarding you with too much information. You work in IT right, …are you in sales. Good that you are not. Your body language tells me you are bored. :)..You know for every person the total amount of talk during a time interval is always about equal. I mean the amount of talk that I talk during a day is constant for me. Likewise it can be broken into smaller chunks. i.e. Mein har ek ghante mein kareeb kareeb utni hi baatein karta hoon. So if I felt you were’nt paying me that much attention, you would have eaten and left, then i would have to speak to the next person who came around. I can’t help it. Mujhe apne ek ghante ka quota khatm karna hai :).”
Yeah..and may we meet again.

won’t 5 lac, can’t 50 lac

This is the fourth post of that chat. You may want to read the first, second and third posts, if you already haven’t.

“I come here 3-4 times a week. Here i can eat a lot of variety, for a very cheap rate. …I live alone. My family is in chandigarh. I have been posted here. Mumbai is better than delhi. Even though i am originally from delhi only…but still mumbai is better, i can say. In fact, living in any metro is bad. Once i was transferred to jabalpur for a year. I felt so relaxed there. I used to call my children and puckaartha thha unhe. Unhe lagta hoga budhha paagal ho gaya hai. Metros mein toh ghar se office mein ghante aur vaapas isi mein chakallas hota hai.

….nahi chandigarh bhi nahi achha..chandigarh hi achha hai. My son he used to study in one of the best convent schools in jabalpur. Ab sarkaari employee bus ek hi cheez kar sakta hai apne bache ke liye. Padha sakta hai. 5 lakh ki dukaan vo daalega nahi …aur 50 lakh ki daal nahi sakta. But even koi sarkaari school chandigarh mein us school ka baap hota. Chandigarh mein toh har pathhar ke neeche ek ek school hain. Aur saare achhe …jo sabse bekaar hongey vo bhi baahar ke achhe schools se toh achhe hi hongey.”

The next post will be the last.

Fistful of Raisins

This is the third post about that conversation. Please read first and second if you wish, before reading this.

“So you eat outside daily. Oh sometimes you and your roomies cook too. Eating at home is the best. For me, my family is in chandigarh, while i have been posted here. That’s why come here, because here you can eat a large variety for less money. What was that i last had..yeah beans. Now i am having baingan. There is so much in nature, you should always have a variety. In daals there are so many varities. But still the quality you get is not so good. It’s all bio engineered. When i was young, we had toovar daal which took 14 months to ripen. Nowadays the variety they grow, its takes 4 months from sowing to reaping. That toovar tasted sweet. But now it is really difficult to get. Even if some farmer grows, he does only for his own consumption.
Even this rotis are all made of maida. You know there is one thing you should do. You know raisins, …yeah kishmish. You should have 30 grains of it daily. That will counteract on all the bad effects. But then you should have more water otherwise it will some bad side effects ..haa hAA haa.”

Teetar, bater and other birds

This is the second part of our conversation. If you are thinking which conversation, you would have to read this post.

Are you non-veg?…ok so you are..what do you have..chicken?…mutton..? beef? pork..?? generally you have chicken and mutton only. Me too…I generally eat birds, mostly chicken because they are the only ones available. I have eaten, teetar, bater, duck.. In teetar also there are two varities, one which is home bred, the other jungli. The jungli ones are really tasty, but each of them weigh only about 150 gms, while the home bred ones are like 300-400 gms. In fact even the gaavnty chickens are really tasty. Have you noticed they do not have a single ounce of fat. Pure muscle. But you should have desi chickens which are like 6-7 months old. Any older and you wouldn’t be able to chew. You need kachha pyaaz to eat it then. Even broiler you should take 3-4 months old.

…yeah bater is the small brown one. you have had bater at mohammed ali road..hunh? There is also another one which has brown spots on it. It’s called chakor. But you don’t get it nowadays. “

Wife and Job

I met someone interesting yesterday. Unfortunately the person was the wrong age and the wrong gender. Anyway he was really interesting. During the 1 hour we talked, eating our rotis and daal, he told me so many wonderful facts, philosophies, etc..etc.
So from today onwards I will post one such episode everyday. Here’s the first one:

Everyone thinks their child is most beautiful. Naak beh rahi hogi…fir bhi..’kitna sunder hai mera raja beta’. Hoga ekdum badmaash…ye bhaga vo toda..’kitna chanchal hai..ekdum natkhat’. Vaise hi sabhi apne aap ko samajhdaar samajhte hain. Kisi na kisi angle se, IQ mein, EQ mein…ya duniyadari mein.
Par sabhi ko naukri aur beevee apne padosi ki achhi lagti hai.