Our moms

Some time back i andrane(friend from bhilai and iitb also known as Devendra Rane) had a chat..and we got into some roleplaying. I played my mom’s role and he, his mom’s.  It would be good to know that our homes are queit nearby in bhilai, and our parents are also friends. With pardons and excuses in advance to our mom’s if we are crossing our limits.
Here goes:

Rane’s mom: namaste ji…. kaha jaa rahe ho ?

kaa’s mom:ji mein toh somvaar ko bamleshwari devi ke mandir jati hai..vahin se aa rahi hoon
aap ?
Rane’s mom: bharat ko school chhod kar aa rahi hu….

Rane’s mom: aacha…. anand kaisa hai ? gajju bata raha tha ki vo dilli chala gaya hai naukri karne ?

kaa’s mom: arey haan usko bol bol ke hum log thhak gaye thhe.. ki ye freelancing veelancing chhod..

kaa’s mom: naukri mein ji ..har maheene tankhva milti hai.. freelancing mein kabhi kaam mila kabhi nahi mila..

Rane’s mom: haan…. gajju bol raha tha ki usko bhi naurki karne ki koi iccha nahin hai…. bol raha tha ki vo bore ho raha hai

kaa’s mom: achha..

Rane’s mom: bol raha tha ki naukri karne ka koi fayda nahin hota hai

kaa’s mom: arey kya faayda .. aajkal ke bachhe na..

Rane’s mom: yeh aaj kaal ke bacho ko pata nahin kya ho gaya hai….

kaa’s mom: haan ..chalo anand naukri le liya …iske papa bahut khush hain aajkal..

Rane’s mom: vo bolta hai ki agar aabhi naukri karte raha to phir naukri hi karte rahega…. uske papa to kuch bolte bhi nahin hai…..
kaa’s mom: iske bhi papa kahan kuch bolte hain.. mein hi bolti thi..meri sunta thode na hai vo..
Rane’s mom: aapan log middle class wale log hai…. koi bijness to hai nahin…. phir yeh saab ulti seedhi baatein karta rehata hai vo

kaa’s mom: ab nahi padh pata ..bevkoof nikalta toh ..soch lete kismat hai.. par padh likh ke bolte hain ki naukri nahi karengey..

Rane’s mom: haan….. mai bhi wahin bolti hu ji…. aab IIT mein jaane ke baad naukri ki koi kaami hai kya…. phie bhi naukri nahin karni hai….. jo milta hai usme khush nahin hai yeh aaj kaal ke ladke

kaa’s mom: haan ji.. aapki toh dono betiyon ki shadi ho gayee.. ab toh gajju ki hi bari hai

Rane’s mom: aarey shaadi ki to baat bhi nahin kijiye usse…. vo kehata hai ki anand aur uske baaki dost bhi shaadi nahin kar rahe hai jaldi…. isliye vo bhi nahin karega 2-3 saal…. aab to shaadi ka naam lete hi phone rakh deta hai….

kaa’s mom: hum logon mein thoda late hi hota hai ji shadi.. vaise anand ke bhi roomie ki shadi ho gayee..

Rane’s mom: haan….. par yeh ladko ki shaadi jaldi kar do to aacha hai…. nahin to isi tarah naurki chodenge aur settle nahin honge kabhi….

kaa’s mom: haan..sahi bole ji aap

Rane’s mom: gajju bhi aapne doston ki shaadi mein jata rehata hai…..

kaa’s mom: shadi karva do toh jimmedari aayegi..

Rane’s mom: aur poocho ki tu shaadi kyu nahin kar leta…. to bolta hai ki unlogo ki girlferend thi IIT se…. isliye itni jaldi kar rahe hai

kaa’s mom: anand toh kabhi aisa kuch bolta nahi..

Rane’s mom: haan…. jimmedari ki to koi parvah hi nahin hai in logo ko….

kaa’s mom: pata nahi uski bhi koi girlfriend toh nahi..

Rane’s mom: pata nahin…. yeh log ka to bhagwan hi jaane, kuch batate bhi nahin hai ji…..

kaa’s mom: haan ji kitne kismat vale hain ..inke papa ne apne sari behnon ki shadi karvayi,..,..ghar paise bhejte rahe..

Rane’s mom: haan….. aur gajju ko to koi jimmedaari ki samajh bhi nahin hai….

kaa’s mom: ye sab toh inko karna hi nahi hai.. mast kamaao khao …aur thoda bachao ….apne khushi se raho..

Rane’s mom: haan….. aarey saving ke baare mein to yeh aapne papa se hamesha dant khata hai…. pata nahin itne paiso ka kya karta hai yeh….

kaa’s mom: mein bhi hamesha fone pe bolti hoon liye..

Rane’s mom: aab bol raha hai ki naurki chhod dega aur kuch project karega….

kaa’s mom: kya project ….padhai karega?

Rane’s mom: pata nahin…. kuch to project bolta rehata hai …. bolta hai ki naukri se aacha hai yeh saab karna….. padhai nahin karna hai usko…. bolta hai ki uska iit ka professor usko kuch kaam de dega kaam karne ke liye

kaa’s mom: achha…
vaise padhai kar raha hai toh karne deejiye na..
hamara anand toh na jane kya freelancing kar raha thha

Rane’s mom: pata nahin ji…. kya karega yeh…. bachchpan se hi kabhi koi jimmedaari nahin di….. thoda samajhdaar ho gaya hai, lekin phir bhi kehata hai ki naurki karne se jindagi mein aur kuch nahin kar payega…. par aacha hai ji…. anand aab naurki kar to raha hai…. ise to pata nahin kya ho gaya hai…. aachi khasi naurki chodd raha hai….

kaa’s mom: nahi ji …usey samjhaiye.. is umr mein ye sab nahi karna chahiye.. abhi paise bachane ka mauka hai.. ek baar shadi ho jaayegi toh kharche badh jaayenge

Rane’s mom: iske papa kuch bole to yeh shayad sun le…. meri to sunta hi nahin hai ji

kaa’s mom: iske papa ke davaai ka time ho gaya …mujhe jana chahiye..

Rane’s mom: aacha ji….mai bhi chalti hu….. iske papa aane wale honge office se….


Are you the favorite person of anybody?

I stumbled upon this question, with Miranda July’s short film with the same name. I had seen her, ‘You and me and everyone we know’ and absolutely loved it. It was mayank who had the awesome idea of searching this short film on youtube. and here it is …

And this is a ideal film which describes how powerful a short film can be. A simple question, which many wouldn’t even have thought about, but who do so when they here it. And the question itself is so powerful. Let’s assume that every person on earth has one such favorite person. Even though many wouldn’t have thought about it, they may vote for one, when asked this question. And only one person could be the favorite. So in the ideal case, if everyone was the favorite of just one person, then that means everyone has got one personal fan. Now obviously there are some people, who are so charming, that they are favorites of more then just one. So the direct implication is, there would be many, who are nobody’s favorite.


A journo and a banker

Yesterday, was like most working days. Only difference was a supershot of serendipity. I was standing at Sarvapriya vihar bus stop, waiting for my bus, twiddling my thumbs.
When I saw these two batchmates of mine, from IITb, walk towards me. For a sec I thougt, am I dreaming? Ravish Tiwari and Sushanto, ravish who I knew to be studying in Oxford and Sushanto who worked in Bangalore.
Meeting people who we know in a big city like delhi is like, a very rare incident. Anyway caught with them in the evening after work. Ravish who did his MTech in Metallurgy, is now a journalist in Indian Express and Sushanto (same degree) is in Investment Banking.
Then had a lengthy beer headed chat on the education system in India, with these words coming often, ‘population’, ‘demand’, ‘supply’, ‘reservation’, ‘aristotle’, ‘coaching’ etc. coming in.
Also got some views on the issue from a JEE aspirant, who between mouthfuls of parathha, vented his anger on this years easy JEE paper.
Anyway, keep an eye out for Ravish’s articles in the express. He writes about politics, poverty and policies.