The blower’s daughter

A song which I discovered here. After a long long time a song managed to give me the goosebumps.


Wuthering Heights

One of my favorite songs, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. Kate Bush is one of the few, who write their own songs. I like her despite her weird voice :).

It has been covered so many times by different bands. Here are two ends of the spectrum. First is by Puppini sisters, second by Angra.


i m feeling poetic

We live in our own wells.

once in a while
with the change in the weather
a wind passes by
bringing in a few leaves
and maybe a feather.

but i want more,
somebody put in a bucket and heave me up.


Paper on Digital Identity

A paper I had written was selected for publication by USID 2007, HCI Hyderabad.
Without much ado, here is the file:
Digital Identity


Adam and Eve (alternate version)

You know the Snake, apple, Eve version right. Now hear the alternate version. Had a chat with a indian classical music teacher. Very interesting man, he was telling us the virtues of music. During this discussion this story came about:

“So the gods decided to make someone in their reflection. They made Adam and Eve. They gave them all the organs. Everything that was needed to start a human society. They also made a lot of beautiful animals, plants and trees.

But to their dismay, Adam and Eve did nothing. Their plan was failing. They called Adam and Eve back and examined them. Everything was normal. Then they realised. Both of them did not have appreciation of music in them. So the needful was done and Adam and Eve returned to earth.

Now even the wind through the trees, or the chirping of birds stirred something in them. The gurgling stream encouraged them to unknown deeds. Once they came to a valley. Adam and Eve were separated mesmerised by the beauty and the music of nature. When Adam realised he had lost Eve. He cried out loud, “EveSSSSS!!!!” The sound echoed through the valley “EveSSSS!!!”…“EveSSS!!”…”EveSS!”…”Eve”. When Eve heard her name being called so musically she was attracted to that voice. She also cried out loud, “AdamSSSS!!!!”…. “AdamSSS!!!”…. “Adam!”.
They ran towards each other in slow motion choreographed to the music of the winds, water and the birds.

Hence make music/love not war!!