Taare Zameen Par

Awesome awesome awesome, movie!!
Just proves that people have realized that not all movies need to be made with a hero and heroine who are lovers, and songs and the whole brouhaha.
A story which also has a message.
And also loved the fact that the film is partially inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.

Won’t give out much. Go and watch the movie yourself.
p.s. I cried once and was on the verge at least 4 times.


My Christmas gifts

What do you get when
Friends(developers) + Wacom tablet + Me (the model;)


and they are on the net too, request them for your portrait if you like their style :D.

Lalit,Saurabh,Golak,Yatender and Dipankar


Moorda Dhan (Dead money)

This phrase was used by an elderly gentleman whom I had the opportunity to meet in one of my train rides. He was epitome of grey wisdom. Also having read and travelled a lot. He knew all about parvati valley (Malana) and about how it is difficult finding labourers in Chhattisgarh because of the minimum price for rice (i’ll write about that in another post).

I am paraphrasing,..

Why do people run after money? How much of your life you actually waste going after that, when in fact even when you get it, are you truly happy.
In fact there is two kinds of money in this world. ‘Dead money’ and well ‘alive money’.

Now let us see what is alive money. A cycle rickshaw puller earns say 100 bucks a day. How much time does that money stay in his pocket? A day, 2 days maximum a week. I would say most of it is spent in a day. That money is truly alive. It moves. It’s dynamic. It changes hands.

Dead money on the other hand is dead. It stays where it is. It rots. For the most it may reproduce, I mean gain interest, but even then it’s like two elephants mating. Once in a year?

So in short don’t kill money.

I am not sure exactly how to go about following his advice. Did he want us to invest? Did he want us to earn only what we need? I don’t know. Do you?


Kutte ki dum?

kaa: abe kutte ki dum
ka koi polite equalent phrase

brijesh: abe woh to saket hai
ruk sochta hoon
gadhe ki gaand

kaa: sal3e

brijesh: abe yeh kaafi polite hai
ruk fir se sochta hoon
tujhe kitna polite chaahiye

kaa: kaafi

brijesh: main tulsi terey aangan ki…
yeh kaisa hai

kaa: savere savere bhang piya hai kya

brijesh: abe….yeh highly polite aur religious bhi hai
ruk thoda kam polite sochta hoon
behen de takke
yeh kaisa hai

kaa: nahi yaar
thoda aur fight mar
u r nearly there

brijesh: tujhe english mein chahaiye ki hidi mein

kaa: hindi mein

brijesh: gobhi ke phool
moongfali ke chhilke
paaan ki peek

Do you know of a more appropriate one?
and btw, brijesh is here


Spurt or Flow? (R – rated)

evil man shows middle finger to the bride
I will tell you people a story today. Well not a whole story, just an incident.
So the evil man got in the way of The Bride. And his head fell in one neat stroke of her katana. If I make this into a movie there are two ways I can go from here. One is the gory japanese style ala Ichi the Killer, of which Quentin Tarantino is quite a follower. Another is the regular action film, where the director has chosen the genre of the film as non-gory, decides to just let the blood flow slowly. What do you think will happen to the evil man?

Will it spurt or flow?

We will discuss scientifically what should happen lest the above incident actually happens outside a studio.

Why? Why oh why? What is the need of such a discussion do you ask. Becaue there is a difference between the science questions we grew up solving in school and that we encounter in our day to day life. In the school questions, all the variables are defined. You already know what is known and what you have to find out. In the real world the exact problem is not very evident. It is not even evident that there’s a scientific question around. There are prejudices, supersition, common sense and a lot of other such words floating around. So if you know what the exact problem is, the solution is just elementary school standard.

water pressure

The above diagram is pretty self evident. And apart from the normal pressure head, there is a lot of lose in pressure due to kinks and bends in the pipe.

So when someone is beheaded, the pressure at which the blood will spurt out is =

P = (density of blood) X (gravity) X (height of head) + (a considerable lose factor)

Since our arteries are pretty branched the lose factor will be quite high.

Conclusion is that the blood will spurt for a moment of time to a height close to the top of the head (at least). The at least is because extraneous factors like the air resistance, the lose factor, etc. After the initial moment of spurt since the system is now not closed (less amount of blood in the system), the speed of the splurting blood will ebb and then change to a flow.


Booghie, Bhainsa aur Boomba

Bansilaal bade thakke hue thhe.
Soche bheeru ke adde mein thoda thharra maar len.
Maarne ke toh maar liya, ek seesa aur apni dhoti mein khos vo baahar nikle.
Baahar unki booghie khadi thi. Aur saath mein bhainsa.

Ab bansilaal apne bhainse se pyaar bada karte thhe. Bole le pee tu bhi.
Aur pilay diye poora seesa.

Boogie mein baithhe hanke … hurrrrr …chal re …

Bhainsa chala mast.

Bajoo mein aaya boomba.

Aur bhainsa samet booghie samaay gayee boombha mein.

Toh ye hai kahaani Booghie, Bhainsa aur Boomba ki.

p.s. booghie == a bhains driven cart
p.a.s. boomba == an irrigation canal


Gandhiji on a software interface

Adobe has released Buzzword. Looks very nice, have to explore it more. What struck me was the use of an image in place of an icon. Gandhiji’s picture has been used for the image icon.

buzzword - gandhi

No wonder though, because he is the ICON and now we have proof that the world thinks so.


Best book covers 2007

Book covers are my second most favorite art meets commerce products. Next only to album covers. If you want to while a small amount of time, and there is a book shop nearby go and browse. If you are a book loving person so much the better, but even if you are just an art or a design lover, go look at the covers.

A cover gives the book a small 5-10 second period to entice the readner’s curiousity. Once the reader picks up the book, then the onus of convincing the reader to buy the book goes to blurbs (by famous authors, newspapers etc), forward, preface, etc.
Anyway the book covers down below are vying for the best cover 2007. There are a lot more at The book design review page. You may want to go there and vote :).

Like You’d Understand, Anyway designed by Jason Booher The Chess Machine designed by Gray 318
Cool It designed by Chip Kidd: