Context, Relevance or Fear

ads-fat and food
So its not just parsing the text and showing relevant ads. There is either a human involved or they have some awesome AI. Very obvious but very clever, showing “fat loss” on a recipe page.


“Ideas come out just through living life,” says Keigo Oyamada, 39, who goes by the stage name Cornelius, after a character in the movie Planet of the Apes. Indeed, the Tokyo-born producer and musician manages to squeeze inspiration from even the most mundane corners of existence — the song Toner on his Sensuous album, for instance, is built around noise recorded from his inkjet printer, and it’s exactly this kind of aural experimentalism that has made Oyamada a hot name among fans of electronica, and prompted bands like Bloc Party and the Go! Team to ask him to remix their songs in his explosive, multilayered and brilliantly eclectic style.

Read the wiki for more.

Hektor : Robot, spray paint my city!


It can be plugged into a laptop, and can render a digital illustration on a wall. It is definitely lo-fi as the paint drips and the can wobbles. But that is the charm :). Here is one of its creations. More about it here.


The purring motor

My mom tells me that I was a very picky eater. When my parents wanted to feed me, dad started his Allwyn Pushpak and then only I would eat. This ad made me remember that.

I am writing this with the soundtrack of two azaans in the background. It has been three days since I noticed the 7:30 one going.
And the two sounds of “Allah u akbar…” start within 5 secs of each other. One of them is a male child’s voice.
At mornings there is the hymn singing from the gurudwara which starts at 4:30 and the school boys prayer (also sung in the mic) around 7:30.

Plenty of communal music.

Paper airplanes and Virality

Can you make a paper airplane?

paper airplane

I can, and I have seen only a very few who cannot. I at different stages of my life have made lots of different origami/papercraft. But the only two or three things which I still remember are the paper airplance and the paper boat.

But unlike the paper frogs and other such things, I did not learn how to make a paper airplane from teachers. I don’t even remember who taught me that. From what I can recall from my own experience and from what I have seen, the source of this knowledge is either a peer(friend, classmate,etc) or an elder (big brother,uncle). Now if you think you agree read on, or the rest will not make much sense. Now why do these two groups of people teach you something as trivial(?) as a paper plane.

Friends: Often the friend is just showing to show of his newly acquired skills. Getting the “ooh he can make such a nice plane” from others. Then one of his close friends would ask him (or request him) to teach him too. Or someone just grabs a plane and reverse engineers it (very unlikely though).

Elders: I definitely believe that every elder has a child sleeping inside. When a elder wants to impress a kid he loves (the typical uncle), he would make one.

What is the difference between the two? I think “making an impression” is there in both cases. In the second case it might be a little less, it could also be the self gratification of making a toy for a kid.

Who could be the first person who invented/discovered it? How did a few designs travel time(generations) and space (countries and cultures). We can learn a lesson or two in virality from paper planes. Would be very useful in making useful social applications.

Where the application designer does not impose the “invite your friends”.

Where people would search for such a functionality and if it is not there demand it.