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Five headed she dragon

Photowalking at Okhla Bird Sanctuary
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The five headed she dragon started spewing acid, on the whole countryside. It did clean all the toilet commodes but did a lot of damage to the monuments which where made of marble.

People had been anticipating something of this sort. They hadn’t sent to the dragon his monthly decided quota of a beautiful virgin girl. The decision not to send was not because of any moral dilemma but the inability to find any virgin girls. The city elders lashed the girlfolk for not protecting their virginity for such crisis. The girlfolk after a while could’nt take it any more and decided to take the matter in their own hands. They gathered in the city stadium and began the tiresome task of threading in beads. They aimed to make such a pretty necklace which they would then present to the five headed dragon. The dragon would then become really confused which head to put the necklace on. And thus bound in his eternal confusion they would capture her and put it in a small box. Which they would give to the menfolk to sink to the bottom of the city lake. And thus ends the story.


Third in the series of stories based on pics.Another one from supreet here.


The mixed salad

Second in the series of stories based on photos.

Doctor Thomas expecting a child wild with pain, thrashing around, was pleasantly surprised to see him quiet calm. His face was hardly visible, covered in blood. He opened his medical box and got down to work. Apparently a small piece of shrapnel was lodged at the base of his neck. With a razor borrowed from a onlooker he went to work. The child lost consciousness in the first few minutes.

He had been brought to the masjid by the imaams son, Junaid. Caught between two religious mobs fighting over yet another petty issue. The imaams son was crouching along with this kid in a small nook. They exchanged names, he was Samraat, a street kid an orphan. Meanwhile while the mob was thinning out, a molotov bomb fell a metre away. Samraat got hurt. Seeing all the blood on the kids face, Junaid just could’nt leave the kid alone, helpless.

Samraat, now lives in the masjid. And he prays daily to his own god.

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awesome Stop Motion video



I like nike sites. Though they are made in flash, which takes away some things I am quiet used to nowadays like permalinks. They have this emotional quality to their site which makes me feel to get up and go running. So I guess they have partially succeeded. Full success would have meant me running to their showroom and getting their sneakers.

One thing I absolutely hate about them is as soon as you type “” you get a splash page which asks which language you want to see the site. Which is okay for a site in multiple languages. When I click English. It shows me a list of countries. Now India (where I live) is’nt there. Also there is’nt anything called “Others” or “Other countries”. What do I do know? Why are they treating me so partially? Isn’t India worth their attention?

I have written earlier about sites in multiple languages here.

I realize that they might not support online purchases in India. And thats the only valid reason I can think of. But why can’t they at least have a “Other countries” where the less fortunate of people come and just window shop?



People love them not just for the torrents, but for their attitude as well. There are a vast number of other torrent trackers around, but Piratebay makes news most often. On their home page their is a link called Legal Threats on which they post the legal notices/emails they get. This one was really funny, in reply to an email from Linotype. They have composed the entire email with different pirated fonts of Linotype.

Based in Sweden they have somehow bypassed the copyright laws till now. Piratebay’s legal advisor Viborg claims. “Until the law is changed so that it is clear that the trackers are illegal, or until the Swedish Supreme Court rules that current Swedish copyright law actually outlaws trackers, we’ll continue our activities. Relentlessly,”

Whatever their legal stand maybe, I love the way they use the anarchist dissension to grow more popular.


Do, chaar, chhe, aath, dus. Bas.

Awesome article about MithunDa.

Secondly, the plot, the basic template of which remains unchanged. Whether he plays an honest police officer or a member of the working masses, Mithunda loses his parents to the evil men (usually Thakurs or the mafia) within the first 30 minutes. A horrible fate then befalls his sister just before the interval. With an hour of the movie left, he metamorphoses into an avenging angel. The only suspense that is then left is—in which order will he kill the villains and how far will their body parts fly.

Read the full version here.


Never stop trying

My friend Supreet started this meme of writing a story based on this picture. He had given me 100 words. I have taken my artistic license a lil far beyond. And I am writing it as a parable. More posts from supreet and dipankar


In a quiet town called Eritoria, there lived a young man called Stephan. He was calm, bordering on boring inspite of being young. And being in the age that he was, he was hugely unpopular with the girl folk of Eritoria.

In fact nobody noticed him as he walked the streets or sat in a pub drinking a dark beer.

One night with the moon glowing blue amidst the clouds, he walked towards the lone hill. The night was silent. It seemed even the critters had either fallen asleep or were resting after bouts of mating. He noticed clouds blanketing the moon as the moonlight faded. As he neared the peak, the clouds began to rumble.

He saw a bright flash of light and a thundering sound. The hair on his neck stood up. He could’nt move.
He had a vision.
He could see a girl dressed in white with white wings floating near him. He realized that it was an angel. The angel whispered in his ears,
“Dude, don’t waste your youth,
Coz even kings with there gold
with speed become old
dress up, style up and don’t be uncouth.”

With this he came back to his senses. Off he went to the city tailor, woke him up and giving some urgent, phoney reasons asked him to stictch the very latest in fashion.

The next day dressed to the nines he went to a friends party. He had been promised all the beauties of Eritoria had been invited.

The party had begun. People were faking laughs on boring jokes.

Amidst the crowd one girl stood apart. He had never seen her before. He thought he saw her smiling at him. With angels whispering in his ear, his head had exploded to twice it’s size. He went to her and said,
“oh beauty with the drink
i am a youth, who was uncouth,
but i am decked up to the brink
So lets go out,
amidst the bushes
and make out.”

The girl’s eyes became read at this wanton proposal. With the flick of her wrist as fast as lightning she threw her drink on his face.

And with this we get to the end of the story. The moral of the story is definitely not, “Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today.”
It is actually closer to this, “Never stop trying.”


Useful header

Most site headers are a generic image which is common throughout the site. What if the header also serves a purpose. I really liked how opensourcefood uses the food images as header background.


Get off your lazy ass!

How to make users do stuff. To get them to check pending emails, comments, notifications?
My gmail has 150 unread mails. Now most of these are random mails which I don’t want to read. But still there is this momentary thought of marking them as read just to clean up my inbox. But the task of going through all the pages searching is a task I am not very fond of. So the task remains.
Similarly in facebook whenever a friend invites me for an app, a notification comes up. And the number of notifications which I haven’t checked has increased to quite a number. I noted today that facebook is taking a few number of tasks from the whole and showing them apart. These pictures will give a better idea.

And I realized how this is better than showing just “40 new notifications”, as I actually clicked on the smaller task. The comedy in this is both these links go to the same page even. Still people will click it. I think this is a lesson in human psychology.