Chomu & Raangadh?

If you speak hindi you might have heard this word: chomu. I have always been curious about word origins. Now I am giving my attention to hindi slang words. Chomu is used for

an intellectually challenged individual, a person unable to make logical and commonsense decisions.
Now chomu is also a place in Jaipur. There has been a case of outcry by  people of Lesbos who want the use of the word lesbian stopped, as it is giving bad name to their city. While I don’t know if the case is similar, or if the word and place (chomu) are related in anyway. I am interested in finding out.
Another word I am particularly sure about is Raangadh. It is used for guys (or sometimes girls) who are especially well built, have great stamina, or don’t feel much pain. I could’nt find anything about it on google. Only one reference in Talbot Mundy’s, Khyber rifles in which there was a character whom the author described as belonging to the ‘Rangar’ clan. He belonged to rajasthan and was a muslim. And he had all the physical attributes of a Raangadh. Apart from that I don’t have any other proofs. Will update this post when I find some.

Souffle au coeur, Le & Marilena de la P7

Saw two coming off age movies, and that too in a row. It was a coincidence because I knew little about them, having downloaded them on a whim. First one was ‘Souffle au coeur, Le’ or ‘Murmur of the Heart’. The director has handled a very controversial issue, that of incest. Still there’s nothing vulgar about it. Also loved the non-judgemental way of the director. As in he did’nt want to show any character as the sum of their parts. The most appropriate parallel would be a wildlife filmmaker, who just observes and shows. Needless to say loved it. Also it reminded me of P.Padmaraj’s Rathi Nirvedam.

Compared to Murmur of the hearts, which was a great story well told, the second one ‘Marilena de la P7’ is an example of very good film making. The editing, the screenplay everything is just right. And this film earns the director, Cristian Nemescu a place on my best directors list.

And both of them go into my favorite movie list.

What is design?

Design is both a noun and a verb. Understanding the meaning of ‘design’ is necessary to define a designer. This series of posts is to thus to verbalize my own thoughts and collate what designing means, and what are the different parts which sum it up. gives a few meanings of design off which these two would come close to what I have in mind.

  • esp. to plan the form and structure of
  • to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan

According to wikipedia,

As a verb, “to design” refers to the process of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system, or component with intention

Laying it on a spectrum, it would come between arts and engineering. And by arts and engineering I don’t mean the crafts associated but the philosophies. The philosophy of art would be, what someone does with his senses which has an affect on others’ senses. Also if pure art is defined strictly, it would also mean that it is made with no prior intention. If even an iota of intention comes into art it becomes a design/applied arts.This diagram shows what design encompasses. It has components of arts as well as components of engineering.

For example, if an artist is hired to create a painting to be hung in the lounge of 5 star hotel. The interior decorator tells the artist, that the painting should evoke a sense of calm, and zen simplicity, which are the key components of that hotel’s brand. If the artist then paints something keeping in mind those two points, then he becomes a designer. The same situation could have been handled by the interior decorator by browsing through various art galleries and finding a Continue reading “What is design?”


Strengthening my belief that the  majority don’t get the real meaning of scientific proof hence don’t understand what unscientific means. Read this article in i09.

Although this survey is hardly proof of widespread epidemic of ignorance among recent science grads, it does suggest that many science programs educate students only in the technical aspects of their field, failing to provide them with the underlying context and purpose of scientific study.

Bullet accelerator cable snapped

And I rode 2kms with the broken cable held between my fingers. And 3 kms holding it tight with a pair of pliers. Don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Since the cable last broke just 2000 km ago.