Youtube redux

I had written how embeds are a window into other peoples pages in this post: “Embeds are Octopussy“. Some of the things which I had predicted are now online. This screenshot from a youtube embed says a hundred words, so I’ll shut up.

jimmy jimmy?

You might have heard Mithun’s disco dancer number called ‘jimmy jimmy’. Now hear these:

An inspired version from M.I.A.

The original son T’es Ok by ottawan, from which bappi lahiri copied the tune (though he got the credit from the makers of ‘you don’t mess with zohan’).

And our own jimmy jimmy

problem solving – designer and the developer

This is the second post where I ponder about design. Here I am thinking aloud my experiences with developers. You can read the first post here.

A good developer is a very good problem solver. You give him a problem and he will give you the most fast, or the most efficient, or the most cost effective solution. Now having said that who defines and words the problem? The right answer would be the designer. The designer would consider different aspects of the problem, among them marketing, usability, etc, and then give a very specific and unambiguous problem statement to the developer.

The problem comes at this point. It seems as if everyone knows what the problem is. From the developer to anyone who knows about the project thinks he knows exactly what the problem is. And this in fact is the main problem. This is the problem which I guess is the root reason of why Open source software is difficult to use and not widely accepted.

There are various facets of this. Lets take an example which I hope will demonstrate this clearly. Clearly when I say developer it could also mean engineer for other fields. So there’s a furniture company called Woodworks. Continue reading “problem solving – designer and the developer”

Variables and the invariables

Out of PCM or physics, chemistry and maths, what I loved during engineering was physics. Even now the love continues. What makes it preferrable to the others would deserve an entire post. And I have worked as a physics lecturer at a JEE coaching institure too. Apart from lectures my work included making new physics questions for the student tests.

Making a good question is an art in itself. When I was preparing for JEE there was this book of physics problems written by a russian called I.E.Irodov . The book was like the final thing one could do, after you had done everyother book around, and your concept was totally clear, you took on Irodov. The questions of Irodov were just different. Let me explain what I mean. The ordinary question in a normal physics book would use a formula, which has n variables. It would give n-1 variable and then ask you to calculate the one variable it had not provided. Or if it was a complicated question it would use 2 or 3 formulas, where each variable that you found would have to be used in the next formula to get another variable. How Irodov differed was that it did not make it obvious which formula a question reffered too. Needless to say Irodov has been a great inspiration for me.

So I’ll put some questions which I have framed and anyone interested can solve them.

Here goes the first:

Q1. It was a silent night, and I was sitting in my balcony. Suddenly I saw a rocket (fireworks) explode in the distance.  After 4 seconds I heard the sound of the explosion. Can you get the distance between you and the explosion?

Q2. I was lying on my bed trying to sleep. I could hear the “tup” “tup” sound of a leaking tap (or faucet) in my bath. After a little while I realized that the duration between each sound was around 12 seconds. Can you get the litres of water getting leaked in a day?

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