Bajaj logo – a copy?

Does have an uncanny resemblance. The first logo (on the left) is of volkswagen, the second one is the same logo rotated and the third logo is a part of the Bajaj logo. This symbol is the one which comes on bajaj bikes.

Viral video to an ad

When Matthew Harding made a video of himself dancing his cute dance in places that he travelled, little did he know the affect it would have on people. That video became quite popular, in fact so popular that he started a site.

This is the first video, which started it all –

And this is the ad you might have seen, for visa prepaid cards, who are now Matthew’s sponsors –

Now I feel like dancing.

Satyam – confessions or something far sinister?

I don’t know if I can call this a ‘thought experiment‘, but in lack of reasons not to, I will.
My assumption is that if a person is so smart as to fool the whole country and gobble 7000 crores, he should be smart enough to think of a way to escape. Now that Ramalinga Raju, and some of his team have pleaded guilty and that too, at the very beginning of this issue, I think there is more to it. If my assumption is correct, it simply means that pleading guilty would have benefitted them in much more ways than just reducing their charges (that’s what normally happens in confessions right? ..they get liniency in their punishments).
Obviously this just holds on my assumption, and has no data which supports it. So lets wait and see if my assumption is correct. The time for which might not come even, if my assumption is too correct :P.

Noida rape case.

You might have read about the Noida rape case. When the first reports came it was like this:

The 10 accused allegedly followed the victim and her friend, stopped their car, overpowered them and drove them to Sector-71, right outside their village. Here the accused raped the victim and beat her classmate up.

This is most probably the FIR at the police station. And this is what the father of one of the accused says:

Gyan Chand Yadav, father of Sanjay, one of the alleged rapists, maintains his son is innocent. “They just saw the man and woman doing something wrong and stopped them from doing it. That is their fault. But the police is charging them for rape, which is completely false.”

After the first few days the whole thing took a political hue. The issue then became a rural and urban divide. That the villagers were still feudal. Nowhere did I see a report in which they saw it from the villagers eyes. Of course the guilty must be punished, but prejudice against anyone, and in this case against a big subset of our community is what I am against. Continue reading “Noida rape case.”

Vote for my pics!!

I have entered 3 of my pics in the coroflot competition. If you like them, do vote for them :). Click on the picture to get to the voting page, where you can see the full size image. When the page opens it takes a little while for the image to open full size, so kindly wait for a moment.

Slumdog millionaire

Immensely entertaining. That said, here are the shortcomings:
1. And this is the biggest one. The fact that a slumdog knows all 20 answers, and all of them by chance, is for one a BIG coincidence. The probability of which happening in real life is extremely slim. But again it is plausible, which leads us to the second point.

2. The language. During the first half an hour the two kids speak in hindi. Which changes into fluent city-bred english when those kids become teenagers. Which in my view is bending backwards to the global audience.

3. It is very bad PR for India. The muslim massacre which mimics the one in gujarat, makes everything visual. Though I am terribly sorry about the incident, showing it to global audience will only add to the stereotype. I understand that this point is debatable, and this is my personal view.

Anyway a must watch.