Corn flakes and poha

Ever heard of Kelloggs corn flakes? Sure you have and might be having it every morning for breakfast. After some initial marketing faux pas, it has slowly crept into the indian kitchen. For me it is an ideal example of how marketing can be used to push anything to anyone. Because indians have long used the humble rice flakes or poha as it is called, in breakfasts and snacks.

photo courtesy -  and
photo courtesy - and

What I wonder is why no one has thought of promoting poha as a breakfast option. Off course with glitzy packaging and marketing. Chocalate coated poha? Tuti – Fruti poha? Why not.

Haldiram’s are you listening?

Chai sutta on cafepress

I have put up the chai sutta tshirt on cafepress. Following up on some requests by outstation friends, nostalgic about standing near a street corner puffing away with a glass of cutting chai in hand.

chai sutta on cafepress
chai sutta on cafepress

And here is one of my friends wearing this tshirt.

You can purchase this tshirt here: cafepress

Chaddi’s in a twist?

If you do not know about the Ram Sene or the pink chaddi campaign, please do read about it, first.

Now what Ram Sene is doing is nothing but bullying, breaking one of the basic tenets of a democracy. Well it is political after all, and they sure must be getting good support from a certain section of society. What I am concerned about is whether the pink chaddi is going to make anyone blush? Let us try to slice people on their beliefs, and see if the pink chaddi helps (i will try to be as logical as possible):
People in India can be put into three subsets, based on their opinion about the Ram Sene (RS)

    1. people who hate them or their ideology
    2. people who support RS and its ideology
    3. People who do not care about this issue at all, and are busy sipping chai or coca cola

Now whoever wants to act against the Ram Sene by any means first needs to think which subset of people it should concentrate. Do they think the people who support the RS idealogy would care about pink chaddis? What it will do is just the opposite, it will strengthen their views that these women are loose and forward, and not in the positive way these women think of these words, but in the entirely negative and derogatory way. Now what about people who do not care? … Sure this gives a entertaining event to them, who does not love girls talking about their panties and that too pink in color. Surely these people would have many wet dreams thinking about them. And the people who hate them would hate them anyway, pink chaddis or going commando.

While I am entirely sympathetic towards them, I don’t think this will get them anything. Is their a better way to do it?

Update: I found this blogpost by Shashikant Joshi, who is an expert in classical indian books (kaamsutra, manusmriti etc). He uses his knowledge to prove that pubs, love etc are indeed a part of our sanskriti. Maybe this is what will get the sanskriti extremists.

Chai – Sutta?

Designing tshirts is a hobby of mine. I have been painting my own tshirts since long. This is the first commercial venture. If you like this, you can buy this tshirt here.

tea and a smoke?
tea and a smoke

update – 26 feb ’09

And here is one of the buyers, Mudit, who has sent in his picture wearing the same shirt. One question though, where’s the tea, buddy? 😛

chai sutta
chai sutta

Youtube – game

With the new captioning and linking inside youtube, people have found ways of using it in different ways. Saw this game in youtube, a very simple compare and find a difference. If you are correct it goes to the next level and if you are wrong, it gives another chance.