Nokia KA01

I have just got the latest model Nokia KA01.

:), actually this is my second attempt at designing (actually modding) hardware. It would look pretty simple but when it comes down to the details of which adhesive to use, or how to waterproof the electronics, it takes a little bit of research and ‘trial and error’.  Will post sometime my learning of working hands-on.

Doga – The movie

Doga doesn’t need introduction if you are between 20-35 and come from one of the smaller towns from central to northern India. If you are out of this domain and still know about Doga, power be to you :). So if you haven’t already heard about it, Anurag Kashyap is planning a full fledged, big scale movie on Doga. Kunal Kapoor is supposed to play the anti-hero. And Sony International is producing it.

And Doga is my favourite out of all the other hindi super-heroes. Main reason being he is not a super hero, being just a fitness freak, who teaches himself different martial arts from his different uncles. Off course there are reasons for this change in his character, which also make him more rounded and 3D, then the other righteous heroes. I for one am eagerly waiting for this movie.

One big shot in the arm for hindi comics.

Evolutionary drama – Pug is not a dog

Though it may sound like a story out of star trek, scientists at the research facility DRON in Pennsylvania, have found out that Pugs might be, not dogs after all. Dr. Alicia who has been heading this research for the past 3 years says, “We have been studying a type of vampire bat, the one called Diphylla ecaudata, along with the pug for a while now. Anyone could see the similarities in the facial structures. In fact the only thing different between them is while Diphylla shows a remarkable affinity for mammal blood, the pug remains content with green tea.”

Pug owners across the world heaved a sigh of relief when it was made clear that their dogs don’t want to drink their blood.