Month: March 2010

Bicycle trip from Delhi to Kathmandu – Day 2

Preparations and Day 1.

Day 2

Got some kids to get the bottles from a nearby village. Gave them a ORS packet as a return gift. Tweeted @ 12:58 PM

When I woke up, there was no electricity and I had to stumble around while getting dressed. I started at around 6:30 am with a sky which was yin yang with clouds. It seemed it was unable to make up its mind whether to grill me or not. After a while it did decide and the clouds were gone. Even for the morning hours, it soon got very hot. So when I noticed a tubewell running ratta-tat, pumping a thick snake of water, I could not resist. Jumped out of my clothes, to my cycling tights, and into the tank. It already had 3 naked kids, bathing, who graciously made some space for me. They even offered their lifebuoy soap for my use.

tubewell bath
tubewell bath
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