Baba ke Bol – Part 2

In todays session we will talk about food.  About a particular boy Bunty who liked food.  And on the top of the list of his favorite foods, lay, the egg and the dosa. Which was on the first position and which second, need not be known.

Bunty was hungry and decided to eat at a roadside stall. He had dosas there before, and knew the egg dosa was marvelous. He ordered an egg dosa. The dosa vaala, asked “single-Ah, doubbl-Ah ?”. Bunty thought, “I love eggs, I love dosa, so double would be swell.”

And herein was his mistake. It ended up tasting like a double omellete which had accidentaly fallen into a liquid dosa mix.

Bunty had realized that too much of a thing that you like, sometimes makes you pukish.


Baba ke Bol – Part 1

You see a palm tree and a bamboo.
In a storm or thunder which one you think will survive more? The palm tree or the bamboo?
Most people will say the palm tree, because the palm tree is much more stronger and much more bigger. But in the case of a storm, the palm tree will not survive. Whereas the bamboo will survive.

You guys know why?
Let me tell you why. The bamboo ‘has’ the flexibility.
So in the case of the storm, the bamboo can turn to and fro and survive. Whereas the palm tree is rigid and more stable and when the storm hits it. It just cracks.

When the storm hits you, be the bamboo.

Jai Shiv Shambhoo!