Leather Chappal

Tried my hands at sewing a chappal with my hands. The leather was again from a scrap leather dealer in Ghee Kanta,  Ahmedabad. The sole is reclaimed tyre rubber. The best thing about custom made footwear is that it fits like a glove :D.


The cheap awl I was using had a plastic handle which came off very soon. Used MSeal  for making the awl handle. Embedded it with seed from the manjadi, the bead tree, and some other baubles I had lying around. This also gives it added grip.

Star of mars

coconut shell jewellery

Cut and polished using hand tools, off a coconut shell,  this can be worn as a pendant. The seed was picked up in Ko Chang, Thailand.

coconut shell jewellery

Reggae inspired headphone


I had an old headphone lying around with a busted mike. The audio was pretty good though. I used some scrap leather I had around and sheathed the speakers with it to give it some renewed oomph. The soft suede leather feels good to my ears. The future version will have detachable covers for washing.