Avatar and Meeting resistance.

Meeting resistance is a film about people who were resisting the US forces, in a certain area in Baghdad. When US forces invaded Iraq, there were not many, who were fans of Saddam Hussein. So when the resistance started it was US bewilderment fir the US, as to ‘why people don’t want freedom’. It seems the people who started resisting the US forces, where doing so for another reason. Religion. In the initial days US bombers damaged a part of the biggest Sunni mosque in Baghdad, called the Abu Hanifeh. Named after the founder of Sunni Hanfid branch of Islam, and considered holy by sunni muslims.

Of course I have simplified the situation, and there were other factors at play too. Go see both these films and judge for yourself. Another point that I took from both movies is that, it is impossible to judge value systems of another culture.

Blood Simple – A review

I could only catch glimpses of ‘No country for old men‘, fighting for the remote in between the IPL cricket matches. From what I saw, I was deeply intrigued by the Coen brothers. So the next logical step was to download their first movie, ‘Blood Simple’.

blood simple by coen brothers
blood simple by coen brothers

The movie begins with scenes of desolation, and a guy commenting on the scheme of things. He finishes of by saying,

‘..But what I know about is Texas. And down here, you’re on your own.’

And this line neatly sums up one layer of the film. With all the bloodletting that we see, we never see the hand of law anywhere. And as I said this movie has several layers. The top layer points to the idea that breakups are not easy and when they occur, they usually make people do idiotic things. Things which if they had reconsidered they would not have done. And the second layer is that every character stands up for their own self when it comes to survival. There is no, ‘somebody save me’ in this movie.

The plot is interesting enough that you would get tired of trying to predict and failing. Another remarkable facet is the editing. The cuts are phenomenal, and more so the cuts which are integral to the narrative. Like the scene when the detective goes for the kill and stands by the window. Also the background music which in its absence doesn’t let you miss it, and with its presence makes the scenes richer. If you are thrill seeking, drama loving, you have to watch it. And I will get on with other Coen brother films.

Om Dar Badar

Thanks to Mudit Chandra for this arcane info. See this video and see the similarities with a recent song with lines going like ‘Emo Scenal Ati Achaar’.

I agree with Mudit when he says that if you are taking inspiration and that too for a whole song, at least you should remark about it in one of the dozen interviews. Now I really want to see this movie, if any of you know how to get hold of a copy kindly tell.

update: It seems he did blog about this here. I am sorry Anurag jee.

Slumdog millionaire

Immensely entertaining. That said, here are the shortcomings:
1. And this is the biggest one. The fact that a slumdog knows all 20 answers, and all of them by chance, is for one a BIG coincidence. The probability of which happening in real life is extremely slim. But again it is plausible, which leads us to the second point.

2. The language. During the first half an hour the two kids speak in hindi. Which changes into fluent city-bred english when those kids become teenagers. Which in my view is bending backwards to the global audience.

3. It is very bad PR for India. The muslim massacre which mimics the one in gujarat, makes everything visual. Though I am terribly sorry about the incident, showing it to global audience will only add to the stereotype. I understand that this point is debatable, and this is my personal view.

Anyway a must watch.

Souffle au coeur, Le & Marilena de la P7

Saw two coming off age movies, and that too in a row. It was a coincidence because I knew little about them, having downloaded them on a whim. First one was ‘Souffle au coeur, Le’ or ‘Murmur of the Heart’. The director has handled a very controversial issue, that of incest. Still there’s nothing vulgar about it. Also loved the non-judgemental way of the director. As in he did’nt want to show any character as the sum of their parts. The most appropriate parallel would be a wildlife filmmaker, who just observes and shows. Needless to say loved it. Also it reminded me of P.Padmaraj’s Rathi Nirvedam.

Compared to Murmur of the hearts, which was a great story well told, the second one ‘Marilena de la P7’ is an example of very good film making. The editing, the screenplay everything is just right. And this film earns the director, Cristian Nemescu a place on my best directors list.

And both of them go into my favorite movie list.