Wicked animation

It is an ad for scrabbles.

Rarely do we see such twisted stuff in ads for seemingly benign products.

Viral video to an ad

When Matthew Harding made a video of himself dancing his cute dance in places that he travelled, little did he know the affect it would have on people. That video became quite popular, in fact so popular that he started a site.

This is the first video, which started it all –

And this is the ad you might have seen, for visa prepaid cards, who are now Matthew’s sponsors –

Now I feel like dancing.

The paki perspective

In the future I’ll try to get such reports from both sides of the border, so that viewers can decide if they want to believe any media at all.

update: It would be wrong to say this is the perspective of a whole country. As I am aware of channels in india which would more aplty be tabloid channels, I guess this might be one too.

Youtube redux

I had written how embeds are a window into other peoples pages in this post: “Embeds are Octopussy“. Some of the things which I had predicted are now online. This screenshot from a youtube embed says a hundred words, so I’ll shut up.